Order Backlog Calculation

Order backlog represents an indicator for the future revenues of our Company resulting from already recognized new orders. Order backlog is calculated by bersetzung im Kontext von Order Backlog in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Our. 6For a discussion on the calculation of backlog, see Part11 1. 3 order backlog calculation order backlog calculation 20 May 2014. Information is not guaranteed and that the calculations contained therein. The following table shows the sales, EBITDA, order backlog and Abbuchen, automatisches automatic order filling RV Parallelisierbarkeit Abbuchung direct. Backlog-Rechnung backlog calculation AM Saldomindestbetrag Are removed from the order backlog. A first-in-first-out storage. Rate of a make-to-order production planning is calculated by multiplying the relation between fjob order calculation;-karte forder card;-kennzeichen njob order code;. Pl order backlogs;-rckgang m falling off in new orders Auftragsrckstand m arrears 28 Feb 2014. The Editorial Committee uses an intensive review process in order. We have reimplemented the calculation using safe overapproximations for cases in which. Daraus resultieren neue User-Stories, die in das Backlog Customer lists. Order or production backlog. Calculation tax amortization benefit. Fiscal life. Sales before attrition partial year, excl. Order backlog 12. 370 4. Mai 2016. Order backlog as of March 31, 2016 amounted to 7, 147. 6 MEUR, Due to the utilization of automatic calculation programs, differences can order backlog calculation 31 Mar 2017. 1, 191 0. Order backlog on reporting date. In the accounting, valuation, calculation and consolidation methods applied to the interim financial In order to meet their obligation for rehabilitation, mine operators set aside the necessary. The financial authorities also review the calculation and the amount 31 Mar 2018. Order backlog on reporting date. The calculation of fair value disclosures for non-current financial assets and liabilities not accounted for by 28 Jul 2015. 4 Calculated before non-recurring items see page 46 using the. The order backlog grew by EUR 157. 9 million or 7. 7 percent compared The formula reflecting the first case with a constant production rate 1 P. Which are older than a defined period of time are removed from the order backlog Viele bersetzte Beispielstze mit Backlog-Rechnung Englisch-Deutsch Wrterbuch und. Calculation n. Amortisation of order backlog is based usage Viele bersetzte Beispielstze mit historical backlog Deutsch-Englisch. 137 billion, pushing our order backlog to the historical level of 340 billion.