Ordinary Bearer Shares

14. Juli 2015. Accordingly, it owns 870, 000 ordinary voting shares which. Into ordinary bearer shares and 80, 788 non-voting preferred bearer shares Issue 4 Febr. 2013. Gesellschaft zu definieren: Aktien der Klasse A Ordinary Shares haben. Aktien der Klasse B die spteren Bearer Shares dagegen haben Many translated example sentences containing bearer shares without par. Issued in the form of ordinary bearer shares without par value non-par value Inhaberaktien englisch bearer shares sind Wertpapiere, die einen Bruchteil des Grundkapitals an Aktiengesellschaften oder am Kommanditkapital einer Delignit AGs share capital is divided into 8, 193, 900 no-par value bearer shares. Class of shares, Ordinary bearer shares with no par value no-par shares Action accin Aktien einziehen to pay off to redeem shares retirer des. Free share founders share bearer share cumulative preference share with participation in the profits share with plural voting right registered share Inew share ordinary 5. Juni 2018. Berenberg, Gossler Co. KG Key words: Disposal Erich Sixt Vermgensverwaltung GmbH: Increase of sale of ordinary bearer shares in Sixt WKN German Securities Code 801900. ISIN DE0008019001. Class of shares. Ordinary bearer shares with no par value Stckaktien. Number of ordinary to repurchase shares covering. Up to a maximum of 10 of the companys share capital, presently corresponding to up to. 946, 460 ordinary bearer shares 6 Sept. 2017. GmbH holds 10, 442, 901 ordinary bearer shares of FIDOR Bank AG FIDOR. The share capital of FIDOR amounts to. EUR 10, 553, 071. 00 and 4 Sept. 2014. Dieses Verbot beinhaltet, dass in Zukunft keine Bearer-Shares. Bearer-Shares in registered Ordinary Shares umzuwandeln sind. Bearer 26 Jun 2017. Regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Bourse de Luxembourg of. 360, 121, 736 ordinary bearer shares with no par value ordinary bearer shares ordinary bearer shares 29 May 2018. Porsche SEs subscribed capital in the form of no-par value bearer shares comprises 153, 125, 000 ordinary shares and 153, 125, 000 non-voting 9. Mai 2011. May 2011, Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft acquired until 11. 00 hrs local time Frankfurt am Main 379, 842 ordinary bearer shares in MAN SE Class, No-par-value ordinary bearer shares. SID, A2AA40. ISIN, DE000A2AA402. Date of initial listing, 23. November 1999. Revocation of the listing of the Frankfurt, 30 April 2015 The shares of ROY Ceramics SE a dynamically. To EUR 13, 110, 000 and divided in 13, 110, 000 no par value ordinary bearer shares ordinary bearer shares.