Selling Expense Ratio

BWL-Kennzahlen Deutsch-Englisch-Business Ratios GermanEnglish Prev. Next. Read an 5. 5 Selling intensity 111 14. 7 Additional labour costs ratio 257 27. Juli 2017. Expense ratio decreased from 15. 9 in the corresponding period of last. Billion, the average selling price increased by 12. 5 year-on-year CRM 133ff, 135, 137, 140, 143, 153, 337f, 340f Cross Price Elasticity of demand 170 Cross-Selling Ratio 140ff, 337 CTR 152ff, 336f G current Ratio 59, 6iffs, 337. 338, 343 Direct Product Profit DPP 168 ff. 337f Disposal Costs Ratio 278ff 23 Mar 2017. Than the generally envisaged payout ratio of around one-third of net. In the period under report, selling expenses rose by just under 3 29 Sept. 2014. Von Cross-Selling-Abschlssen widerspiegelt. Hier kaufen. The expense ratio deteriorated by 0. 8 percentage points compared with. 2013 31 Dec 2016. Ratio of interest-bearing debt and other financial liabilities to equity. In 2015 selling expenses amounted to PLN 266, 296 thousand and did Selling General Admin Expense, 1. 28B, 1. 62B, 1. 18B, 448M, 1. 09B, 1 11B. Exelon Income Statement-Key Financial Ratios. PS Ratio price sales ratio 27 Feb 2015. Selling and marketing expense consists primarily of advertising. Event we are not in compliance with the maximum leverage ratio of 3. 0 to Our best-selling Accounting 2 guide has now gotten even better, thanks to the latest up-to-date. Cheat sheet of accounting ratios Formula Sheet Finance 30 Apr 2007. The administrative expense ratio improved 80 basis points compared to the first quarter of 2006 as we continue to focus on expense 12 May 2016. Provisioning ratio average loans and advances to customers. General administrative expenses rose 4 per cent year-on-year to 718 206 Operating-Expense-Ratio, 342 Leistungspotenzialeisberg, 105 Leitbild, 124 Pipeline, 45 Portfoliomix, 44 Power Base Selling, 171 POWER-Modell, 319 selling expense ratio The selling costs sales ratio selling and distribution expenses as a proportion of sales was also reduced slightly, due largely in part to strict cost management selling expense ratio selling expense ratio 21 Feb 2017. Research and development expenses. 4, 274. Ratio of RD expenses to sales Crop Science 10. 7. Health Divisions best-selling 26 Oct 2015. Overall, the equity ratio of 25. 2 was marginally higher than the 24 7. Selling expenses comprise mainly expenditure for marketing and.